If It's Got Your Name On It

I can only contribute to this site by telling you the experiences of my grandparents and my Mum. I was too young to have any recall of the war. I do remember ration books though and farthings! I loved the farthings with a little Robin pictured on one side.

My Mum lived with her parents throughout the war years because my father was serving in the forces.

My Grandparents were Steward and Stewardess of the local Conservative Club.
Throughout the war years they had RAF personnel billeted with them.
My Grandfather had rigged up the cellar as an Air raid shelter complete with beds cooking equipment etc. After a little while my Nana got a bit complacent about the bombings and decided to stay in bed during the raids. Her catch cry was "If it's got your name on it, it is going to get you". This really worried my Grandfather but Nana was a very strong minded lady!
Then Manchester had a very big raid and a bomb went off in the park adjacent to the club. Everybody quickly made their way to the cellar only to be overtaken by my Nana with her nightdress billowing behind her and Grandfather remarked "if that one's got her name on it, it will have to move fast to get her".

My maiden name was Audrey Mellor, and we lived in Clayton Manchester and then Droylsden Lancashire during the war years.